Teamboard 7450 (85" Diagonal)


                                Teamboard Brochure


RT (Resistive Touch) Functionality

  • Your finger is the mouse–simply touch to ‘click’, ‘click and hold’ or ‘right click’
  • Easy for learners or presenters of all ages
  • Intuitive–directly touch what you wish to control
  • No special pens–nothing to lose or replace. No batteries needed
  • RT ‘air gap’ provides tactile feedback to your finger touch
  • Responds quickly and accurately to your touch with a tracking rate and resolution well above normal requirements. Where you touch, TeamBoard RT responds accurately


16:10 format provides 20% greater interactive surface area, and compatibility with the newest projector formats.

Whiteboarding Mode

No projector–no problem. TeamBoard RT’s whiteboard mode captures all your dry-erase drawings and notations into your PC.

Action Bar

Integrated into the RT functionality–no extra cords or power required.

Removable Controller

  • Easily removable by any user without the use of tools or technician
  • May be upgraded or replaced in one business day

High Quality Construction

Advanced steel-backed, honeycomb core gives increased warp-free board strength and stability, with reduced weight.


EganMetallic–Custom Color available.

RJ45 Cabling

  • Adapts to (included) RJ45 cable for USB connection, providing performance and installation advantages
  • Draws its only power through RJ45 connector cable from the PC or laptop
  • Shielded RJ45 connector cable prevents data transfer loss


Ships with a wall-mount bracket for easy installation. Additional wall-mount brackets are available for multiple, repositionable heights and locations.

Installation Flexibility

  • Wall-mount bracket included for easy installation
  • Additional Wall-mount brackets are available, for economical installation in multiple heights or locations
  • TeamBoard RT is EganSystem Track compatible!
  • Wall Mount Height Adjustable for integrated projector installation and powered height adjustment at the touch of a finger. See Product Guide.
  • Mobile Stand for free-standing mobility. Manual height adjustment. See Product Guide.

Touch Sensitive

There are no gadgets to handle–simply touch the TeamBoard with your fingertip.


Guaranteed-to-clean VersaSurface

An Egan TeamBoard exclusive, VersaSurface is an enhanced, dry-erase writing surface providing excellent durability. With VersaSurface, even permanent marker, if used by mistake, is easy to erase.

160º Viewing

The beautiful, low-glare VersaSurface is perfectly suited for projection. It provides a full 160º comfortable viewing angle, to view from any seat in the house. The matte-white surface ensures that you won’t have ‘hot spots’–even without dimming the lights.


Wall-mount Brackets Included

TeamBoard RT ships with a wall-mount bracket for easy installation. Additional wall-mount brackets are available, which can be installed in multiple heights or locations.

Technical Specifications


  • Interactive–when used with PC and projector
  • Electronic whiteboard–when used
  • Whiteboard–when used with no peripherals
  • Projection screen–when used with projector and not PC

Total Size for 85" Diagonal

  • Width : 73" ( 1866mm)
  • Height : 50" (1259mm)
  • Depth : 1  3/8"  (34mm)


4096 x 4096.

Tracking Speed

200 inches per second approximates ‘real time'.

Aspect Ratio


Screen Surface

Strong, durable, hard-coated VersaSurface; water and dust resistant, sunlight operable; suitable for dry erase and low-glare ideal for projection.


CE, CSA, TUV, ADA and RoHS compliant The management systems governing the design and manufacture of this product are ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2001 certified.

Computer Compatibility

Minimum requirements: 500mb RAM, 300 mb hard drive space, 500Mhz, CPU. Windows, Mac, Linux


Includes TeamBoard Suite 5.5 and TeamBoard Draw software; upgrades are free, unlimited and downloadable.


1 USB port required on PC; shielded RJ45 cable connects via adapter (included); no 110V AC required; control box is RJ45 female

Power Consumption

DC+5V max 300mA (1.5 watts)

Data transfer Rate

12 Mbps.


Temperature Range

  • Operating: -40ºF – 94ºF (-40ºC – 35ºC)
  • Storage: -40ºF – 120ºF (-40ºC – 50ºC)
  • Change tolerance: slope less than 55 F/hr – 25 C/hr
  • Humidity tolerance: Operating; 0%-80% non-condensing; Storage: 0%-95% non-condensing


Stylus, Egan dry erase markers (ACMI certified non-toxic), EganCloth included.


5-year hardware and 10-year surface warranties.