About Wiki-Light

Wiki-Light is a customer centric, learning and development solutions provider, focused on integrating the most applicable solutions to meet the the local Kuwaiti educational needs. For any enquiries please contact us.


WikiLight is a specialized devision working under Ideal-Information Systems Ltd umbrella, with global image and mission statement. Wiki-Light logo resembles the division's commitment to modern learning technologies in the 21st century.

Ideal-Information Ltd is a local Kuwaiti corporate established in 2005, delivering the best-in class IT solutions. With the head office located in Kuwait down-town, we have a strong access to wide customer base in private and public sector. We have also set up a strong partnership with local and international partners.

WikiLight Mission Statement

To open a new space for creativity and improvement wherever people acquire knowlege or share information in Kuwait.


  • Wiki-Light to enter every school and class in Kuwait
  • Bring local curriculum on interactive white boards.
  • Position Wiki-Light web site as the most resourceful gatway to local instructors community.